Are The Bears Switching To A 3-4 Defense?

3-4 defense

Marc Trestman’s first season with the Bears was about reinventing the offense, and it’s hard to deny the success he had along the way. I’m now wondering if Trestman’s second season at the helm will be about reinventing the Bears defense.

While it’s entirely possible that I’m reading the tea leaves and getting the answer that I want to see, Thursday brought yet another sign that the Bears are considering switching to a 3-4 defense.

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The Bears Have A Long Way To Go

--USA Today Sports Images

–USA Today Sports Images

As I was watching the NFC Championship on Sunday night there was a feeling I just couldn’t shake. It was a battle between two very good teams, possibly the two best teams in the NFL right now, and it was fantastic to watch, but as much as I enjoyed it, my mind was back here in Chicago for a lot of it.

I kept thinking over and over again was that the Bears have a long way to go. A long, long way.

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