Jonathan Toews Does Ice Bucket Challenge While Wakeboarding

While I appreciate people finding new and interesting ways to dump buckets of ice water over their head, I would hope that Jonathan Toews would have been smart enough to TURN HIS DAMN PHONE HORIZONTALLY WHILE RECORDING VIDEO ON IT.

I mean, you’re a captain for Christ’s sake, Jonathan. You’re supposed to know better.

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The 20 Highest Paid Players In Chicago


On Wednesday it was announced that Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane had signed contract extensions with the Blackhawks that would see both making $10.5 million a year starting in the 2015-16 season.

It also means they’ll be the highest paid players in NHL history, but how do their salaries compare to other athletes in Chicago? Well, not all that well, actually.

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Toews And Kane Sign Extensions

We're rich!

We’re rich!

There was never a doubt that it was going to happen, but the Blackhawks officially announced todaythat both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have agreed to eight-year contract extensions that will keep both in Chicago through the 2022-23 season.

The new deals come with an annual cap hit of $10.5 million per season, though that won’t start until the 2015-16 season, this year. Either way, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are now the highest-paid players in NHL history.

And they deserve to be.

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Joe Thornton To The Blackhawks?


As I’ve stated here a few times since the Blackhawks season came to an end, I expect changes to be made to the roster next season. Somebody that’s been considered a part of the core — be it Patrick Sharp or Brent Seabrook — is going to be moved via trade. I also think that the Blackhawks will address their need for a second center this summer, and it’s possible that a trade could be the way to go about doing so.

Last week I wrote about my dream scenario of the Blackhawks getting Ryan Kesler from the Canucks, but he’s not the only option out there. In fact, Pierre McGuire stepped out from that spot between the Los Angeles and New York benches during the Stanley Cup Final to do a radio interview Tuesday, and he believes the Hawks will look west for a new center, but it won’t be Ryan Kesler.

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Ryan Kesler Still Wants To Be Traded


While it hasn’t quite reached the level of the Bears forever searching for a quarterback before trading for Jay Cutler, it feels like the Blackhawks have been trying and failing to land a second center behind Jonathan Toews for years now. Of course, unlike the Bears, the Blackhawks quest hasn’t kept them from winning, though I suppose that second-line centers aren’t as important as quarterbacks.

But I digress.

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How Will The Blackhawks Look Next Season?


Tonight the Stanley Cup Final begins and the Blackhawks aren’t in it. That means the offseason has officially begun for Stan Bowman, and there will be changes made to the roster before next season kicks off. What those changes will be, we don’t really know just yet.

But I’m going to try to figure them out anyway.

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Corey Crawford Will Assault You With A Liquid Essential To Your Life On Earth

Now we know how he really won that belt

Now we know how he really won that belt

The Blackhawks season may be coming to an end tonight. If it does there will be plenty of Blackhawks fans that blame Corey Crawford for the collapse. They’ll do this because it’s much easier to blame the goalie instead of looking up the stats that show Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp have combined for one goal and two assists in the first four games of the series.

But be forewarned, Lazy Blame Layer, Corey Crawford will assault you with water.

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