Don’t Do It To Me, Bears


For four years I had to deal with Tommy Rees when I didn’t want to. It started when Dayne Crist, who was supposed to be the latest savior quarterback at Notre Dame got hurt and had to be replaced by Rees. Rees took over the starting job and showed us all exactly who Tommy Rees would be, even if we didn’t totally realize it at the time.

Then Everett Golson came along, and though he was a redshirt freshman, he helped lead Notre Dame to a 12-0 season and an appearance in the BCS title game. Yeah, the Irish got shellacked, but Golson may have been their best player in the game, and the promise of his future was bright.

And then Golson had problems with his grades and got booted out of school. Once again, in 2013, Tommy Rees would ride as Notre Dame’s starting quarterback. But then it happened. The 2013 season came to an end, and Tommy Rees was out of eligibility. He was going to get his degree from Notre Dame, and then he was going to be out of my life forever.

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Jordan Lynch Is Going To Work Out For The Bears


I watch college football for a living, not just because I love it. That’s why I spend so many Tuesday and Wednesday nights during the fall watching two teams from the MAC go at it, and more often than not one of those teams is Northern Illinois.

And I loved watching Jordan Lynch play quarterback for the Huskies. The kid was basically a battering ram with a football in his hands. At times he looked like a teenager trying to be tackled by a bunch of kindergarteners, dragging multiple defenders for yards at a time. It was awesome.

What’s not nearly as awesome is the idea of the Bears using a draft pick on Jordan Lynch.

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