Would The Bears Sign The Sanchize?


Well here’s an idea that I’m sure won’t stir any kind of debate in the city of Chicago.

On Friday the Jets signed Mike Vick and released former first round pick Mark Sanchez. Which made a lot of people in New York and on the internet happy, because everybody loves making fun of Mark Sanchez. I mean, how can you not. He did give us all the joy of the #ButtFumble.

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Josh McCown ‘Unlikely’ To Re-Sign With The Bears


The Bears have been active re-signing their free agents lately, but one of the names we haven’t heard much about is backup quarterback extraordinaire Josh McCown. Since the end of the season McCown has expressed his desire to return to the Bears and backup Jay Cutler, but saying and doing something are very different things.

And according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, it’s “unlikely” that he’ll be doing it.

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Mike Tice Wanted The Bears To Draft Russell Wilson


Bears fans found themselves in a strange position this season. Thanks to the play of Josh McCown when Jay Cutler was hurt, we were all in a place that actually included debate about whether or not the Bears should let Cutler go in favor of a 34-year old journeyman who played really well for a month.

Cutler would eventually sign his new deal to put an end to that debate, and we don’t know what will become of Josh McCown, but things could have been a lot different had the Bears listened to Mike Tice. Yes, that’s an actual sentence you should take seriously. I meant to write it and everything.

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