Bears vs. Jaguars: What I’ll Be Watching Tonight

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp

If you watch preseason football as nothing more than just a football game, you will be bored out of  your mind. By the time the second half starts the field will be filled with players you’ve never heard of that probably won’t make the team, and then that voice begins creeping into your mind, asking you just what it is you’re doing with your life.

And it’s very important to shut that voice up and stuff it back in its little hole where it minds its own god damn business. So how do you do that? It’s simple! You don’t watch tonight’s Bears game to watch the actual game, you just look for the interesting things inside the game.

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Ranking The Bears Draft Picks

Will Sutton

After three days the NFL Draft has finally concluded, and the Bears made eight picks. With them, the Bears hope to fill some obvious needs and ensure a team that finished 8-8 last season has enough talent to make a Super Bowl run.

That’s all well and good, but none of it matters nearly as much as ranking the Bears draft picks against one another. That’s right, the Bears Draft Pick Power Rankings you’ve been demanding are now officially here!

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Possible Selections For The Bears In The Second Round

Timmy Jernigan

Timmy Jernigan

The NFL Draft continues tonight with the Bears getting the 19th pick of the second round (51st overall) and the 18th pick of the third round (82nd overall). I don’t know who the Bears are going to take with those picks, but I have an idea of what Phil Emery likes, and what the Bears could be looking at. Of course, since I have no idea who’s going to be available in the third round, I’m going to focus on that 51st pick.

With the Bears picking in the middle of the second round and with the team having addressed one of its needs at cornerback on Thursday night, I have a decent idea of who could be available. So, who should they go after? Plenty of guys, but here are a few I think could be on Phil Emery’s board. Continue reading

Early Thoughts On The Kyle Fuller Pick


Aaron Donald almost fell to the Bears at No. 14. I don’t know for sure that the Bears would have taken him, but I’d like to think they would. We’ll never know, because St. Louis took him at No. 13 and the Bears decided to go with cornerback Kyle Fuller out of Virginia Tech.

My initial response is one of ennui.

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