The Mailbag: A Whole Bunch Of Bulls And White Sox Questions


Welcome to The Chicago Homer’s Mailbag. It runs once a week unless it doesn’t, and in it I answer questions from readers via Twitter or email. The questions can be about any damn thing you please, and there likely isn’t a question I won’t answer. There may be questions I can’t answer, but I’ll try.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag it’s pretty simple. Either ask the question on Twitter using the #AskTCH hashtag — as long as you use the hashtag I will see it — or send an email to

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Kevin Love Longs For The Big City


LeBron James was never planning on coming to Chicago this summer. Now that Phil Jackson is running the Knicks, the odds of Carmelo Anthony leaving the Big Apple for the Windy City are slimmer than ever before.

Which means that Bulls fans need a new white whale, because ever since Michael Jordan left for good, and took Scottie and Phil with him, that’s what Bulls fans have done. They’ve looked longingly at the horizon over Lake Michigan hoping for a new superstar to appear.

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Those Around Nikola Mirotic Think He’ll Be A Bull Next Season


LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will be the big prizes after the NBA season, but odds are neither will be the big acquisition the Bulls make during the offseason. Instead the biggest “free agent” the Bulls go after will likely be the one they got in a draft day trade back in 2011: Nikola Mirotic.

Yes, after three years of playing well in Europe for Real Madrid, there are signs that this summer could be the summer Mirotic finally crosses the Atlantic to give the NBA a try. Though his salary wouldn’t be the only cost to the Bulls.

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Could Taj Gibson Be The Next To Go?


You like Taj Gibson, and apparently other NBA teams do as well.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 20, and while most trade rumors surrounding the Bulls are about Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy, there’s reportedly at least three teams that have already asked the Bulls about Taj Gibson.

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The Morning Constitutional: Q Finally Comes To His Senses


Joel Quenneville has heard you,  Hawks fan.

Maybe you didn’t notice it on Wednesday night against the Rangers, but Marcus Kruger got some time as the second-line center with Patrick Kane. Well, on Thursday it was announced that Kruger would be on the second line with Kane again against Montreal on Saturday, as Quenneville said he’s going to get a shot at the job.

And it’s about fucking time, too.

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