The Bears Will Stick With A 4-3 Scheme


While we can all expect to see plenty of new faces on the Bears defense next season, what we won’t be seeing is a new scheme.

In January I wondered if the changes the Bears had made to the coaching staff might mean that the franchise was looking to make the conversion from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4, or maybe a hybrid of the two. Now, we have an answer.

Well, sort of.

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Mike Tice Wanted The Bears To Draft Russell Wilson


Bears fans found themselves in a strange position this season. Thanks to the play of Josh McCown when Jay Cutler was hurt, we were all in a place that actually included debate about whether or not the Bears should let Cutler go in favor of a 34-year old journeyman who played really well for a month.

Cutler would eventually sign his new deal to put an end to that debate, and we don’t know what will become of Josh McCown, but things could have been a lot different had the Bears listened to Mike Tice. Yes, that’s an actual sentence you should take seriously. I meant to write it and everything.

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Are The Bears Switching To A 3-4 Defense?

3-4 defense

Marc Trestman’s first season with the Bears was about reinventing the offense, and it’s hard to deny the success he had along the way. I’m now wondering if Trestman’s second season at the helm will be about reinventing the Bears defense.

While it’s entirely possible that I’m reading the tea leaves and getting the answer that I want to see, Thursday brought yet another sign that the Bears are considering switching to a 3-4 defense.

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Please Put The Bears on ‘Hard Knocks’


The episode of Hard Knocks we all deserve

Since HBO started producing Hard Knocks I have wanted one thing and one thing only from the show: put the Bears on. I love these type of behind-the-scenes shows in sports, whether it’s “Hard Knocks,” the 24/7 on the Winter Classic, or even the series Showtime did on the Miami Marlins a few seasons ago.

I love them even more when they’re about teams I root for.

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The Morning Constitutional: Mel Tucker Isn’t Going Anywhere


If you were a fan of a Bears defense that allowed at least 20 points in every single game this season, I have some excellent news for you. On Sunday, while they hoped you were distracted by the NFL playoffs, the Bears issued a statement.

Defensive line coach Mike Phair and linebackers coach Tim Tibesar will not be back next season.  Mel Tucker, however, will be.

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