What The Cole Hamels Claim Means For Next Season


News broke on Wednesday that the Cubs had put in a claim on Phillies starter Cole Hamels after Philadelphia put him on revocable waivers. Now, if the Cubs did put a claim in on Hamels, that doesn’t mean that Hamels will be in a Cubs uniform by the end of the week.

But whether or not the Cubs get Hamels is secondary in my mind. What stands out to me about this move is what it means for the Cubs in 2015.

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There’s No Reason For The Cubs To Trade For David Price


The trade deadline is 10 days away, which means that over the next 10 days we could see a number of Cubs and White Sox players on their way out of town. That’s just the position both teams are currently in, as slim playoff odds and rebuilds firmly plant both organizations as sellers this summer.

Though apparently not everybody agrees with the common sense logic of that equation.

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The Road To Rodon Was The Right Path To Take

We already know how he'll look in the uniform

We already know how he’ll look in the uniform

Just over a year ago I was still covering Illinois sports at The Champaign Room, and the Illini actually had a good baseball team. This meant that, for the first time ever, I was actually paying close attention to college baseball. (I used to spend some time watching the College World Series during the summer, but never too closely.)

Illinois had qualified for a regional that could have sent them to the College World Series, and it was news to follow for the site. So I began watching college baseball when I could. The Illini wouldn’t get out of their regional, thanks to Tyler Beede (who was taken with the 14th pick by San Francisco last night) and Vanderbilt ending their run.

But during that time I came across a pitcher named Carlos Rodon.

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