Ranking The Bears Draft Picks

Will Sutton

After three days the NFL Draft has finally concluded, and the Bears made eight picks. With them, the Bears hope to fill some obvious needs and ensure a team that finished 8-8 last season has enough talent to make a Super Bowl run.

That’s all well and good, but none of it matters nearly as much as ranking the Bears draft picks against one another. That’s right, the Bears Draft Pick Power Rankings you’ve been demanding are now officially here!

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Early Thoughts On The Patrick O’Donnell Pick


Am I really about to write a post about a punter? Did the Bears really draft a punter?

Listen, I’m not going to knock the importance of a punter on your football team. They have value, okay? I get that. But I don’t think they would have had more value than a linebacker like Shayne Skov or a defensive end like Jackson Jeffcoat.

But Patrick O’Donnell is a Bear, and here’s what I know.

He catches the snap from the long-snapper on fourth down and then kicks it high in the air. I also know that O’Donnell was second in the FBS with an average punt of 47.13 yards per last season. So, you know, he’s good at punting.

But he’s a punter, so whatever.

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