POTD: Clausenmania Has Begun



Oh god this is going to happen, isn’t it? The Bears are going to be fighting for homefield advantage in the playoffs this December, Jay Cutler is going to get hurt, and we’re going to have to rely on Jimmy Clausen.

Oh god. And he’s wearing Rex Grossman’s old number too.

We’re doomed.


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The Bleak History Of Chicago Bears First Round Picks


Thursday night the NFL Draft will be held, and as things currently sit, the Chicago Bears will be making the 14th pick. This could all change before the Bears are officially on the clock, though. Maybe the Bears will trade up to grab somebody they covet, or maybe they’ll trade down to get more picks. We don’t know.

What we do know is that if the Bears do make a selection in the first round on Thursday night, no matter who they choose, that player is probably going to suck.

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