I Want You To Watch This For Your Own Good

There is only one reason I’m posting this video here. It’s not because I think the song is good, because it’s not. It’s not that I think the song is so bad that its badness makes it entertaining, because it isn’t.

No, this song is just bad, as are most fan anthems.

The reason I’m posting it is because, as Blackhawks fans, we can get a bit too cocky from time to time. So the next time you’re feeling cocky about the Blackhawks, I want you to think of this video and remember that we can be just as terrible as everybody else.

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Let’s Watch The 1919 White Sox Throw A World Series

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.48.32 AM

Here’s something I never actually thought I’d see: footage of the 1919 World Series. Yes, the 1919 World Series. The year the infamous Black Sox threw the World Series to Cincinnati in exchange for money.

At around the 3:20 mark you can see footage of Eddie Collins just plain not giving a shit about anything that’s happening. “Oh, that ball was put in play. I’ll just stand here and watch the action.”

What’s even more remarkable is how this footage was found.

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This Is Why Jim Thome Was A Designated Hitter


Jim Thome, who now works for the White Sox as an ambassador of some kind (I don’t know his exact title and I’m too lazy to look it up because, honestly, does it matter? — he’s Jim Thome) was in Charlotte tonight to help with the opening ceremonies of the city’s new BB&T Park.

The stadium is the new home of the Charlotte Knights, the White Sox’ Triple-A affiliate.

As part of his duties, Thome threw out the first pitch, and while doing so we were all reminded why he spent so many seasons as a designated hitter.

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VIDEO: Joakim Noah Is Still Awesome, Even Better With Bruce Springsteen


If you weren’t already aware, Joakim Noah is the greatest. He’s also good at basketball. Like, better than he has any right to be considering how tall and goofy he looks.

He’s been transcendent like Johnny Depp this season, as he’s completely taken over the Bulls on both offense and defense without Derrick Rose. He’s the key to the defense, but that’s not all he’s doing anymore. Pay close attention to the offense next time you’re watching. You’ll see the Bulls are running everything through Noah now. He’s basically a center that’s playing point guard, except he only handles the ball on the fast break.

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Teuvo Is Coming


Let’s see, the Blackhawks are currently hitting the home stretch of the regular season while locked in a tight divisional battle with both the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche. Once that’s over the playoffs will begin, and the Hawks will then begin their quest to win a second straight Stanley Cup, and their third in five years.

In other words, there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to the Blackhawks, yet none of those things excite me as much as what Joel Quenneville said on Mac and Spiegel Tuesday morning.

Teuvo is coming.

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