The Mailbag: Which Cubs Prospect Is Going To Be A Bust?

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Welcome to The Chicago Homer’s Mailbag. It runs once a week unless it doesn’t, and in it I answer questions from readers via Twitter or email. The questions can be about any damn thing you please, and there likely isn’t a question I won’t answer. There may be questions I can’t answer, but I’ll try.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag it’s pretty simple. Either ask the question on Twitter using the #AskTCH hashtag — as long as you use the hashtag I will see it — or send an email to

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The Cubs Want To Trade Edwin Jackson, But Nobody Wants Him


As a fan it’s incredibly easy to want your favorite baseball team to trade somebody. It’s even easier when that player is getting paid $11 million this year and is owed another $22 million over the next two seasons while putting up a 5.61 ERA (though his FIP is only 4.27!) in 20 starts.

So of course you want the Cubs to trade Edwin Jackson, it’s only natural to. And I have good news for you: the Cubs seem to want to trade Edwin Jackson too. It’s just that there’s a relatively major problem with the plan.

Nobody wants to trade for him.

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POTD: Training Camp Is Here



Only a few more weeks until we are all freed from the tyranny of Chicago baseball.

Oh, and since it’s everybody’s favorite, here’s Jay Cutler’s van.

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Minnesota Continues To Negotiate Trade For Kevin Love Through The Media


On Tuesday rumors surfaced that the Bulls were still very much involved in the Kevin Love Trade Sweepstakes. Though most of the focus on Love the last few weeks has been about the Timberwolves and Cavs discussing a deal that would involve Andrew Wiggins, the top pick in last month’s draft, it wasn’t that surprising to find out that the Bulls would still have interest in love.

After all, getting Love from the Wolves would not only improve the Bulls roster, but it’d keep the Cavs — a division rival that just got LeBron James back — from getting him as well. It’s just there was one small problem with the Tuesday’s rumor.

By most accounts, it was Minnesota leaking the Bulls supposed interest.

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